Kelinse, the glasses to stand out

Inspired by the design of Ettore Sottsass and the Memphis Group, the new glasses are not just accessories. Color and irony become a means of communicating one’s unique identity, through an accessory designed to stand out. Kelinse Eyewear is a new independent brand that combines design with excellent workmanship, for eyewear that draws attention.

Kelinse glasses is an idea of the Bestmad group of designers, to change the game’s rules and make beauty available to a broad audience. The new glasses bring a breath of fresh air to the world of eyewear, winking at Italian design. Those of Kelinse, in fact, are frames in which attention to detail becomes a distinctive feature, coordinated with your look, or to give a touch of color, to stand out. The lines are fluid and lively, and the color palette also includes bright shades to highlight the character of a face and express the energy of each personality. Wearing a Kelinse frame is a way to stand out, thanks to a contemporary design accessory.